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Services & Offerings

Through a wide assortment of dynamic training and design offerings, J.J. and his team provide customized planning solutions to help their clients implement the right tools, strategies, and structures to protect their assets from various legal threats.

These services include:

  • Detailed Training Programs

  • Customized Blueprint Designs

  • Full-Service Structuring Solutions

  • Ongoing Wealth Protection Assistance

  • Annual Maintenance of Plan Documents

Covering Your Assets

The best, easiest, and most cost-effective way to gain access to J.J. and his invaluable guidance on business and legal matters is to sign up for his monthly membership program, Covering Your Assets with J.J. Childers.

Through this incredible offering, you will receive an abundance of cutting-edge, invaluable information, strategies, and training delivered directly from J.J. each and every month.

This is the program that you’ve been looking for if you want to stay up to date and in the know with regard to tax, legal, business, estate planning, and many other important topics.

To find out more about this phenomenal program and how you can get involved, click the link below.

Covering Your Assets

Informative Webinars

The best way to learn about the wide range of products and services offered by J.J. and his team and how they can benefit you is to watch one of his informative webinars.

Through this powerful training, you will learn what you need to do to protect your assets, your income, and your family. There’s no charge for these webinars so sign up for one today.

J.J. Childers Wealth Attorney

About J.J. Childers

J.J. Childers is a licensed attorney, author, and entrepreneurial advisor. He focuses his efforts on helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and investors with designing and operating innovative customized plans for protecting their assets, their incomes, and their families.

He is the author of numerous training courses providing valuable step-by-step instructions for how to get, grow, and guard wealth. He’s helped thousands of people through his characteristic style of taking difficult information and making it easy for anyone to understand.