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J.J. Childers helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, and investors design and structure protection plans for safeguarding their assets without all of the confusion, complication, and cost often associated with the process.

J.J. Childers Wealth Attorney

Education & Training

Through online training and educational courses, J.J. provides detailed instruction for understanding the process and the priorities necessary to accomplish important planning and protection objectives.
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Customized Solutions

The signature service offering provided by J.J. and his team is the "Wealth Protection Blueprint." This is a detailed step-by-step plan for addressing one's personal and business wealth protection needs.
We provide a special webinar presentation on how you can take advantage of this incredible program.

Estate Planning

The cornerstone of a properly designed and structured wealth protection plan is the estate planning component. Begin by protecting those who matter most with proper planning and documentation. J.J. and his team have helped thousands of people with this important task and they can help you as well.

Dispute Resolution

One of the best ways to successfully protect assets from lawsuits is to avoid them all together. To do this, having a plan in place to effectively handle disputes is absolutely essential. After all, it’s not a matter of if you will be involved in a dispute, it’s a matter of when.

To assist you with this important endeavor, J.J. and his team provide guidance, direction, and resources for helping you to design plans for resolving disputes before they arise.

Legal Documentation

One of the most important means of avoiding, addressing, and surviving threats to your assets is to have the right legal documentation in place.

Whether on your website, in your agreements, or in your legal entity records, documentation is essential.

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Ongoing Support

Once your wealth protection plan is designed and implemented, there are annual requirements for keeping legal entities in compliance and plans must be adequately maintained in order to adapt to changes in business and life.

The WealthCare+ program, J.J. and his team provide valuable wealth maintenance assistance.

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J.J. Childers is a licensed attorney who has been practicing law for the past 25 years in the areas of asset protection, estate planning, and business law. He and his team can help answer the difficult questions you face today.