J.J. Childers: Webinars

Learn the information you need by enrolling in one of our FREE online webinars. All of our webinars are concise, focused, and incredibly informative for finding out how we can help you with your wealth protection planning. These webinars will get you on the right path for your needs.

Unsure Which Path You Need For
Your Wealth Protection Plans?

Below you will find descriptions and links to get enrolled in one of our webinars that will help you to determine where you need to start and which resources may be best to get you where you need to be. Simply scroll down, check out the descriptions for each and sign up for the webinar at the time that is convenient for you. There is no cost for these webinars so sign up today!

Wealth Protection Blueprint

A properly designed plan for protecting your wealth should cover not only WHAT steps you need to take, but also WHY those steps are appropriate and should include detailed instructions for HOW to take them.

That’s exactly what our Wealth Protection Blueprint provides. The best way to learn about how this program works and how you can take part in it is to register for this free webinar. Just click the button below to get started.

Dispute Resolution

Benjamin Franklin once said that there are two things that can be said to be certain in life: death and taxes. To that list could be added the certainty of conflict. Anytime that people are involved with each other, the potential for conflict exists.

The disputes that arise from these conflicts can destroy your wealth. As part of the wealth protection process, you must learn strategies for dispute resolution. In this power-packed webinar, JJ shares valuable tips and tactics for doing so.

Click the button below and get enrolled today.

Estate Planning

The cornerstone of any properly structured wealth protection plan is to begin by taking care of the most valuable asset that any of us has, our family.

Many people mistakenly put off the process of implementing an estate plan because they either think that they don’t have a large enough amount of assets or they think that they have plenty of time left. Putting things off until later is one of the biggest mistakes you could possibly make.

To learn exactly why you need to put an estate plan in place as well as how to go about doing it, sign up for this enormously valuable webinar today.